Tips for Keeping Your Living Room Organized

by Elysian Magazine

The living room may be the place in your house in which you spend the most time, and it’s probably also the main place guests will see when they come over. However, the space is also more prone to becoming messy. Because of this, maintaining your living room’s appearance is of upmost priority. Apply our tips for keeping your living room organized to ensure that order prevails.

Seek Out Furniture with Storage

A large part of organizing is putting things away. You might have a collection of items you don’t want to carry to and from the living room each time you need them, such as magazines, blankets, and television remotes. However, these can give off a messy aura when they’re not neatly stacked, folded, or arranged. The simple solution is to designate storage areas for these items. Find furniture pieces that incorporate closed storage into their design. For example, a coffee table with drawers or a sofa with hidden compartments will enclose your living room items entirely, where they’ll sit unobtrusively until you need them. This way, you won’t need to clutter the room with separate shelves and bins.

Set a Clearing Time

Little actions can add up to help you avoid daunting chores later on. Faced with a living room that’s disordered to the point where you must spend a great deal of time and effort cleaning it, you might end up putting off the tidying altogether. Lighten the burden of organizing by setting aside a few minutes at the start or end of each day to straighten things out and get rid of any trash you’ve left lying out. You’ll feel more at ease, and your living room will stay neater on a day-to-day basis.

Keep Your Rugs in Place

Depending on the level of furniture coverage it gets, your rugs may slide around with even a slight nudge, immediately knocking the arrangement out of balance. It’s a small nuisance, but a real nuisance nevertheless. A tip for keeping your living room organized with regards to your rugs is to secure them in place. Keep your rugs exactly where you want them by setting rug pads underneath them or utilizing specialized rug tape to hold them fast. This way, they can withstand accidental kicks or a slight pushing of furniture without forcing you to readjust them.

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