How to Beautify a Spacious Yard

by Elysian Magazine

When you have a sprawling outdoor space around your house, you probably want to make the most of it by decorating it in an interesting way. However, besides taking caring of the lawn, trees, and other plants, you may not know how to introduce a unique flair and make the property stand out. Here are some ideas for how to beautify a spacious yard.

Build a Large Patio

Among the foremost means by which you can elevate the yard is building an expansive patio. This will allow you to spread more of your architectural style to the area surrounding the house through your choice of materials, colors, and patterns. Perhaps you want to create a pervading modern sleekness and place emphasis on straight lines and smooth textures through polished achromatic tiles and wood panels. Or you may lean towards a more natural aesthetic with neatly constructed yet textured stone components in earth tones.

Moreover, a larger patio will let you bring out more furniture, since it offers a stable surface on which to arrange complementary pieces. You might come to treat it as an additional full-scale room when the weather is nice.

Include Landscaping Terraces

If your home is in a hilly area, look to terraces in your landscaping as you consider how to beautify your spacious yard. These will break the mundane slope into distinct levels where you can add a variety of plants to color the space. You can border each of these levels with stone or wood to distinguish them from the softer organic green of the lawn.

Terraces also have a practical purpose. You might worry about shifting plants and loss of soil on the side of a hill, but the level steps of a terrace ensure your garden beds and other landscaping decorations stay in place.

Put Up a Fence

Some fences are unarguably unappealing, but if you put careful consideration into your selection, they can give your home a sense of sophistication it might lack otherwise. A good fence should be consistent with the style of the home so that it can have the greatest positive impact. If your architecture is more traditional and ornate, for example, a cast iron fence with complex details, stone pillars, and an impressive gate would fit in seamlessly and boost the impression of artful attention to detail. Since a fence borders your property and affects the home’s appearance so much, you should do some research into how to prepare your yard for the fence installation. You may have to follow some local regulations as you go through the construction process to ensure you beautify your yard the right way.

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