Transformative Health & Wellness Summit at Hotel Bardo

by Amber Edwards
The historic Club Bardo located inside of Hotel Bardo in Savannah, Georgia, recently played host to ELYSIAN’s Transformative Health & Wellness Summit, an event that brought together a diverse group of speakers from across the United States to explore both traditional and non-traditional approaches to health and wellness. The venue, inspired by the grand tradition of early 20th-century salons, provided the perfect atmosphere for creative expression, community, and wellness – a true embodiment of the spirit and soul of Savannah.
As the organizers of this groundbreaking event, we at ELYSIAN were thrilled to welcome attendees and speakers alike. Our Founder & Publisher, Karen Floyd, served as the moderator for the summit, guiding participants through a series of enlightening presentations that covered a wide range of topics related to health and well-being.
Dr. Christiana Rahm of DRC Ventures and The Root Brands delivered the keynote address, focusing on the latest advancements in anti-aging, weight management, and sexual health. Her engaging presentation set the stage for a day filled with valuable insights and practical strategies for optimizing wellness.
Throughout the summit, attendees had the opportunity to learn from experts in various fields. Jana Davis, MS, RDN, from Bone Health Solutions, shared valuable insights on supporting bone health naturally, while Dr. Amarinthia Curtis from Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute offered powerful strategies for maintaining wellness and resilience while navigating the challenges of cancer.
Dr. Katherine Birchenough of OptimalSelf MD introduced the cutting-edge field of functional medicine, and Christiana Purves shared her personal journey with Type 1 Diabetes, offering guidance and support for those facing similar challenges. Kimmy K. Powell and Ariel Clay from Woodhouse Spa rounded out the summit with their presentation on maximizing the spa experience for optimal relaxation and rejuvenation.
At ELYSIAN, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Throughout the summit, we encouraged attendees to engage with the speakers and each other, fostering meaningful conversations and connections. The historic charm and creative energy of Club Bardo provided the perfect backdrop for these interactions, creating an atmosphere that was both inspiring and empowering.
For those who were unable to join us in person, we are excited to announce that the virtual summit will be available on Friday, May 17th, at This online platform will allow viewers from around the world to access the wealth of knowledge and inspiration shared by our esteemed speakers, ensuring that the impact of the Transformative Health & Wellness Summit extends far beyond the walls of Hotel Bardo.

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