Virtual Wellness Session: Martha Wiedemann

by Elysian Magazine


Martha Wiedemann is the dedicated Health & Wellness editor of ELYSIAN magazine. She is the Principal and Wellness Advisor of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Martha was the leader of the multimillion-dollar expansion of Badrutt’s Palace Wellness Center to incorporate Ayurveda and Feng Shui. She is a world-renowned wellness and Ayurveda expert, nutritionist and has opened wellness centres in various five-star hotels and medical centres around the world. She is responsible for the concept, design and functions of Badrutt’s Palace Wellness Spa, as well as introducing the practice of Ayurveda to Switzerland.

As we learn to cope with the new normal wrought on by a global pandemic, such that has never been experienced before in our lifetime, Martha, who was born in Kerala, India, draws upon Ayurvedic teachings to offer hope and a path forward. Indeed, central to Ayurveda is the yogic tradition, with yoga meaning to unite mind, body and soul. It is interesting that during a time where we must socially distance and isolate, we are also united in this shared experience. We have never been more acutely aware of how interdependent we are, and the interconnected relationship between all things. This same is true for mind, body and soul.

Below, Martha has outlined the Ayurvedic practice of Moola Mantra, with the power to heal and bring a realization of Oneness, and she has also shared two of her favorite herbal remedies for calm, cleansing and immune support, as well as steps for practicing a Shine Your Light meditation.

Moola Mantra

Moola Mantra is used as sound therapy. This mantra sends healing vibrations, brings oneness and joy.

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Rose Attar

Rose, a most exquisite attar, fosters the development of love and ojas. Nourishing and cooling this attar is especially therapeutic for the emotional heart. The Rose Attar is a scent which is inhaled, and as it is inhaled, it calms and acts as an anti-depressant.

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Triphala is used to detoxify the system. It is important keep the digestive system clean so that Prana and nutrients can be better absorbed. Supports the immune system. It is especially beneficial to do a cleansing in springtime.

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Shine Your Light Meditation Practice

  • Avoid stimulus for 2 hours prior to meditating.
  • Keep all electronic devices switched off.
  • Keep the sense organs calm and unstimulated.
  • If possible, sit in a comfortable and upright position and close your eyes. You may do this laying down in bed to enhance sleep quality.
  • Commence by taking a few breaths, with the focus on exhalation.
  • Next, get into a slow rhythmic breathing – inhaling & exhaling.
  • Listen to your breaths and make a symbolic connection to the movement of waves on a beach.
  • Feel the energy generated by this rhythmic breathing and focus on your heart chakra.
  • You will soon sense a light or glow developing in the heart chakra. This light connects to pure consciousness.
  • You are now connected to your heart center and the source of love.
  • Continue this focus along with the rhythmic breathing, strengthening your connection to the light and love within you.
  • Allow this love to flow to all the cells in your body, giving special attention to diseased areas.
  • This inextinguishable light represents your torch for you to connect to at any time.
  • Send love and light to the world.
  • Conclude with gratitude for this connection and know that you can always return to this place of love and healing.
  • Make it a practice to send light and love to your cells and those you care about.

The light within me sees and recognizes the light within you.

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