Yogi See, Yogi Do

by Elysian Magazine
Woman practicing yoga on the beach

After having her second daughter, Bethany Smith turned to yoga for weight loss. She dropped 30lbs in three months and became addicted to the training. She started taking every yoga class she could and quickly realized that this practice was not only helping her on the outside; it was doing the same for the inside. “I came to the practice of yoga for the physical benefit and through consistent practice experienced healing in my mind and soul as well,” she explains.

Prior to finding yoga, Bethany was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. She had no way of coping with what was going on internally to the point she tried to take her own life. A year into her yoga practice, she went from taking four medications to zero and hasn’t had a manic episode or bout of major depression since. Bethany still experiences the highs and lows of life however when things start to feel out of balance, she implements awareness and mindfulness to bring her back to center. “We are a whole-body system: mind, body, soul. They’re all connected, and all affect each other so when you start to make a positive change in one, the others follow”. Yoga originated in ancient India aimed at stilling the mind focused around physical, mental, and spiritual practices. By being self-reflective with actions, behavior, and emotions, it helps to create knowledge to overcome life’s daily obstacles.

A woman practicing yoga by waterImage courtesy of www.bethanysmithyoga.com

Bethany has grown this love and passion for the practice into a profession. She has adapted yoga into her day-to-day life through a tremendous amount of dedication and commitment. Through this lifestyle choice she has not only helped herself but now leads and influences those around her. As there are various styles that combine physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation, Bethany has various credentials but excels in inversions and power yoga. She finds the most focus while in handstand. And that’s what yoga is about: Focus. Awareness. “A good teacher always brings you back to the present moment. After you practice consistently, you start taking that awareness off your mat into your life and into your relationships”.

You are welcome to practice online with her: Space Yoga Online
Follow her on social media: @bethanysmithyoga

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