Spring Into Spring With a Home Gym

by Elysian Magazine

Who is guilty of making a fitness New Year’s resolution but by February have already fallen off the wagon? As bathing suit season is upon us, it’s time we resort back to those faint memories of resolutions of becoming more fit and fabulous. It’s just like Spring cleaning…out with the old and in with the new. So how do you make your goals stick this time? Remember to make realistic and achievable aspirations. Start with small, simple changes in daily habits and then progress to longer ranging goals. Keep it fun, enjoyable, and add variety to keep your body continuously challenged. Measure your progress and make sure to reward yourself when obtaining pivotal marks. Try these recommendations for home fitness plans to ensure you create a sustainable fitness regimen. Remember – Your only limit is you.

To finish shedding those last pounds before heading to the beach this season, here are some helpful home fitness tips and tricks. You don’t have to spend a countless amount of money on numerous equipment for your home. It’s great to invest in at least one high quality cardio machine, resistance gear, and then weights. For it to be successful it needs to fit your space, your budget, and your commitment level. With the gazillion fitness app’s and online programs available it may be hard to choose what is correct for you; however, here are a few recommendations.

Tempo Studio

The Smart home gym. If you like having a full weight room and trainer, this is the product for you! It has over 1000 live and on-demand workouts that vary from strength training and cardio to prenatal and yoga. You set your goals and Tempo creates the program and custom recommendations for optimal weight progress. The difference between Tempo and its competitors is it includes 3D motion sensors that analyze your body as you exercise, giving you feedback and suggestions to improve your form and maximize your workout. It’s having a built-in personal trainer to custom track your progress and make the most out of every workout. Checkout their products at tempo.fit.

Bowflex Select Tech

For a great entire body workout with weights, Bowflex offers a superior line of Select Tech products which include dumbbells, a kettlebell, and a barbell. The compact design offers the versatility of owning an entire weight rack without taking up space. No need to remove or add plates, just a twist of a dial to adjust your weight. Enhance your workout regimen by utilizing their JRNY app. These trainer videos can recalibrate the difficulty based on personalized targets to create an adaptive workout just for you. Checkout their products at bowflex.com.


If you want something lower in impact yet catering to the entire body – let gravity, be your resistance. TRX is an impeccable system to sculpt and strengthen by utilizing your own bodyweight. It’s a perfect and versatile way to improve mobility, flexibility, endurance, and your core by foundational moves of pushing, pulling, lunging, hinging, squatting, and planking. Checkout their products at trxtraining.com.

Hydrow Rower

To ensure you get your cardio in, the Hydrow Rower is a perfect selection. Excellent for full body muscle toning, this equipment not only targets your heart rate but your legs, arms, back and core with low impact to your knees and ankles. Join the team of world class instructors as they inspire, engage, and motivate you with over 3000 workouts to choose from. Row anywhere in the world or try a Pilates class. It is all possible on the Hydrow. Checkout their products at hydrow.com.

Leading Fitness Apps


This magical duo: Lisa Fitt & Romane Lanaford have created a health and wellness community to improve your health, fitness, and confidence. Your personalized workouts and tailored nutrition plans are provided directly from Lisa or Romane. They offer on-demand classes and various workouts you can access when it suits your schedule. Stop making excuses and commit to bettering yourself. Checkout their program at strngofficial.com.


Expert trainer Senada Greca presents an array of exercises covering all levels of experience that range from beginner to expert. Her 1300+ modules offer a variety of training styles whether you prefer HIIT, upper or lower body weight training, meditation, yoga, as well as foam roller stretching. Included with her unique workout plans, she also carries personalized nutrition plans which include a full grocery list to help lessen the stress and time into making your ambitions more obtainable. She also includes calculating your macros into your nutritional proposal. Checkout their program at senadagreca.com.


The motto “We push, you achieve” says it all. Combining technology with customizable content, joined with elite personal trainers, the only thing missing is You. This digital training platform includes a “real person” who calls you, encourages you, and makes you accountable with consistency. They are stocked with world class fitness and wellness coaches that will customize your plan each week. They are aware life happens – so they consider your schedule, goals, accessible equipment, travel schedule etc…to ensure the routine works with your needs causing you to have a greater success rate. Checkout their program at future.co.

By Kimberli Scott-Still

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