Beauty Has No Expiration Date

by ELYSIAN Magazine
Beauty Has No Expiration Date - Angie

A fresh glow for spring is your birthright at every age! Toss out the ancient potions in your make-up bag and opt-in to sun-kissed cheeks, rosy lips and bright eyes with vibrant new pigments for spring from Blue Michael Cosmetics.

Spring is the time for rejuvenation, and all of us, from our teens to our golden years, want to feel fully immersed in the joy of living. Sure, we know that proper nutrition, exercise, and sufficient sleep are the key to living well, particularly as we get older. But then the stresses of life take hold, and familiar adages for optimal living become more aspirational than applicational. But there is something magical available to us all, which is not terribly difficult to tuck into even the busiest schedule. The transformational powers of properly applied cosmetics are nearly as old as human civilization— from the kohl-lined eyes of Cleopatra, and the mulberry-rouged cheeks of the ancient Greeks, to the metallic fingernails of Chinese royals during the Chou dynasty. As the Roman playwright Titus Plautus once wrote, “A woman without paint is like food without salt.”

Of course, make-up has changed a lot since ancient times, and every year, the market is flooded with new products and techniques to help us to highlight what we’ve got, augment what we’d like more of, and camouflage what we would prefer to do without. So, if you’ve been toting the same lipstick and blush in your purse for years on end, it is more than likely that the shade which made you feel chic and glamorous in 2014 is not your best option in 2018. Not only is it important to refresh your make-up palette regularly to compensate for changes in skin tone and to complement your seasonal wardrobe, but it is equally essential to adjust your makeup application as your skin and facial features mature.

To live long and enjoy good health is one of nature’s greatest gifts. But there are certain inevitabilities to contend with as we age. Our epidermal cells produce less collagen, which can cause skin to droop or wrinkle. Under-eye circles, which had been transitory evidence of a festive night on the town in early adulthood (or an all-nighter at the library or with a new baby), become endemic as we age due to a thinning of the skin around the eyes. And no matter how religious you are with your SPF’s, sun spots and hyper-pigmentation may still develop due to hormonal changes.

Lest you despair the eventual decline of your skin’s collagen, it is important to consider this powerful but counterintuitive truth about aging: Nothing is more beautiful than a woman with the unassailable confidence that comes from life experience. A fresh new look for spring, with glowing skin, bright eyes, and a dramatic lip, serves as an external manifestation of your inner exuberance. So, regardless of where you find yourself in the cycle of life, rest assured that beauty is your birthright. And if your energy flags or the malaise of winter has cast a dark spell over your countenance, make-up’s magical potions can bring you into the light.

We enlisted the expertise of Blue Michael, a veteran make-up artist from New York City who has worked with women of all ages and ethnicities, to perform makeovers on four models, ranging in age from 16-74. Using products from his own line of natural, hypoallergenic cosmetics, Blue helped our models showcase their assets, contour their features, and camouflage their imperfections. To make it easy to apply our tips and tricks to your own beauty regimen, Blue gave us a detailed run-down of each woman’s make-up application, and our models were brave enough to allow us to photograph them before, during, and after their makeovers. We think they are all beautiful without a drop of cosmetics, but each woman’s makeover seems to have roused a jaunty confidence that declares, “I’m happy to be me, and ready to take on anything!”

Rachel is a teen with a busy schedule of classes, sports, and social events. She wants to look polished without looking overdone.

1. PRIME: “BB Cream” (LIGHT) oxidizes naturally upon application to match skin tone.

2. CONCEAL: “Full Coverage Concealer” (LIGHT) and “HD Powder” camouflage blemishes and reduce shine.

3. CONTOUR: SOFT PINK blush and ROSY BROWN bronzer.

4. HIGHLIGHT: Rachael’s exquisite features are accented with “Duo Brow Powder” (MEDIUM), BLUE GRAY eye liner and lip stain in POP CHEERFUL PINK.

Katie is a professional dancer in her mid-30s. Her lifestyle demands high-performance pigments with staying power.

1. PRIME: “Blue Michael BB Cream” (LIGHT), an all-in-one foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

2. CONCEAL: “Full Coverage Concealer” (LIGHT) set with “HD Powder” (LIGHT).

3. CONTOUR: “Matte Bronze” brushed along the hollows of the cheeks and across the jawline.

4. HIGHLIGHT: Two shades of eye liner (ESPRESSO and BLUE GRAY) are penciled along the upper lash line. For lips, TAUPE liner, GLOW lipstick, and BABYDOLL HYDRA gloss add long-lasting moisture and subtle color.

Angie is in her late 40s, and generally keeps her daily look on the simple side. Blue wanted to showcase her striking blue eyes and high cheekbones.

1. PRIME: “BB cream” (MEDIUM) adds warmth to the skin.

2. CONCEAL: “Full Coverage Concealer” (MEDIUM) softens red undertones.

3. CONTOUR: “GOLDEN BRONZER” accents cheekbones.

4. HIGHLIGHT: BLACK eye liner, PLASTIC RED lip liner, and CHERRY POP lipstick add a flash of boldness.

Rosie is proud to say that she is in her mid-70s. She credits her luminous skin and robust health to yoga and a vegan diet.

1. PRIME: “BB Cream” (MEDIUM) provides moisturizer and SPF.

2. CONCEAL: “Full Coverage Concealer” (LIGHT) softens the look of fine lines.

3. CONTOUR: SOFT PINK on the apple of the cheeks.

4. HIGHLIGHT: GOLD BEIGE eye shadow on the brow bone and APRICOT on the lid; BLUE GREY eye liner; PUSS-PUSS lipstick.

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