Live Art Painter – Amy Burkman

by Elysian Magazine

Amy Burkman is a seasoned live art entertainer, professional muralist, keynote speaker, animal lover, philanthropist, cancer survivor, and founder of Good Art Project. Her extensive art background includes industrial-scale murals, acrylic-on-canvas paintings, personal and pet portraits, abstract imagery, realism and multi-media art. Although she takes pride in her personal artwork, commissioned pieces and live art performances, above all she strives to use her creative passions to help others.

Amy’s travels to West Africa inspired her to start the Educate Through Art program through which she completed numerous educational murals for the Senegalese and Malian communities with a focus on nutrition, pre- and post-natal healthcare and other health-related topics. During her travels, she also witnessed first-hand the magnificence of sub-Saharan African fauna and developed a sincere appreciation and respect for the animals of the region. Inspired by her experiences abroad, she began performing speed art back home in support of endangered species. She has performed educational and conservation-based speed paintings domestically and internationally for audiences in Mexico, China, Thailand and West Africa.

Amy has always been sensitive to the hardships and struggles of others, especially those without a voice, people and animals. Motivated by her compassion for others, Amy continues to seek opportunities to use art for good. In December 2013, Amy was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. After treatment, she decided to quit her day job and pursue her passion of doing live art to help others full time. Amy set a goal for herself to raise over $1 million dollars for charity and in early 2020 she reached that goal. The organizations that she’s helped include cancer research, children’s hospitals, animal welfare groups and many others. Her story of surviving cancer and her passion for helping others fuels her creativity and inspires audiences everywhere. To learn more, follow Amy on Instagram @AmyBurkmanArt or visit

Things to know about Amy:

  • She’s raised over $1.2 million dollars for charity.
  • She’s worked with celebrities including Tig Notaro, Sarah Silverman, Alfonso Riebero, Mike Tyson & Josh Gates
  • Her work has been featured on The Colbert Report
  • She’s appeared on TV shows including the Josh Gate Tonight show on Discovery.
  • Her clients include corporate giants NFL, Netflix, Sony, & Porsche ~ and ELYSIAN!

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