Closing the Circle: Inspiring Woman Nancy O’Dell and Caroline Comer

by ELYSIAN Magazine

At ELYSIAN, we continue to honor our commitment to the next generation of women by introducing them to exceptional women who have achieved success. In this spirit, we were delighted to introduce ELYSIAN Inspiring Woman Nancy O’Dell to our cover model, Caroline Comer.

Most will recognize Nancy O’Dell as the co-host of the popular entertainment news program, Entertainment Tonight, but would be surprised to discover that this Hollywood star was born in Sumter, S.C., and won Miss South Carolina in 1987. She is considered one of the country’s most respected and leading entertainment journalists and has proven to be a force in all areas of her career as a host, author, producer and entrepreneur.

As someone who also hails from the Palmetto State, Caroline considers herself a true southern gal, holding the south dear to heart. The young twenty-year old now lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she studies Business Economics at Westmont College. She has a broad range of other interests, including health, wellness, fitness and fashion, as well as a desire to travel. With a world of opportunities ahead of her and while still in pursuit of her ideal career, Caroline maintains her focus on receiving a quality education and growing her professional network. What better way to expand her horizons than meeting the Emmy Award winning Nancy O’Dell.

Cover model Caroline Comer with ELYSIAN Inspiring Woman and popular entertainment journalist Nancy O’Dell.

The two met in Los Angeles at the end of last year, where Nancy shared her career advice and keys to success for women in any industry.

“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish something,” she said, “I was told not to go into reporting or journalism because the field was saturated.” Beginning as a reporter in Myrtle Beach, Nancy went on to report crime in Charleston, followed by a position as an investigative reporter in Miami and then became the lead anchor on Access Hollywood.

Nancy understands the unique challenges that women face while advancing their career. She believes that women are making forward strides to be in the same powerful positions as men and discussed this with Caroline. “Women are made to feel like they can’t achieve equal success as their male counterparts. That may have been true in the past, but it’s not today.” Nancy continues, “One of the greatest parts of my career has been interviewing all of the female directors, producers and accomplished women over 50 that prove we can have a career that stands the test of time.”

Caroline admits that she has always enjoyed being on stage and after having the opportunity to meet Nancy, she has a new interest in entering the entertainment industry. “That was an exciting, yet nerve-wrenching experience, but spending time with Nancy O’Dell has opened a new career option for me that I would have never considered.

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