By Debra Spark A $25 MILLION INITIATIVE AIMS TO CHANGE CONVENTIONAL THINKING ABOUT WOMEN AND STEM. In the art world, women are trying to correct the canon. In business, break the glass ceiling. And what about STEM, the science, technology, engineering, and math fields? There the problem is underrepresentation with women comprising only 29 percent […]

Re-Envisioning The Motherland

The Matriarchs Patrilineal Portrait

By Hannah Shepard Surrounded by the women in her family and dressed in matching garments, Cristina Molina’s grandmother reaches for a hand of support while precariously stepping from tall rock to ground. Molina has invited every female from both her matrilineal and patrilineal families to gather in the Florida subtropics in collaboration on a series […]

Letter from the Publisher: Spring 2020

“THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT SOUTHERN WOMEN THAT IS SO UNIQUE YET SO UNIVERSAL . . .” – Connie Britton It is with the idea of universality that our Spring 2020 Issue presents a worldview through the lens of the South. As with every issue of the magazine, our mission is to connect and inspire women globally […]

Country’s Wild (Wood) Child

By Baker Maultsby Elizabeth Cook, who grew up singing as a child in central Florida, has carved out her space as a singer, radio deejay, and tv personality. Nashville singer-songwriter Elizabeth Cook was discovered at age 4 by her first booking agent and promoter—her mother Joyce. “One day I heard her out in the yard—she […]

Your Inner Child is Calling

By Mary Rogers McMaster When you were a child, you did whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. If you wanted to cry, you cried. If you needed to use the bathroom, you just went. Wailing and running and jumping and laughing weren’t attached to any story other than, “I’m alive.” For a very short time, […]

Tranquility & Transformation

By Suzanne Johnson From generation to generation, how one Tennessee family has redefined southern luxury in the Great Smoky Mountains. I can recall many breathtaking sights from my travels, but few remain as memorable as the one I saw at Blackberry Farm. Leaving Blackberry Farm early one morning for a flight back to New York […]

A Woman Of The World

By Laurie Bogart Wiles Plucked from poverty with no education, Ava Gardner enchanted Hollywood for decades with her beauty and sophistication. WHO WAS AVA GARDNER? Some would say she was the most beautiful creature God had ever created. Even as a teenager, so sophisticated were her looks that in film, she would portray duchesses, baronesses, […]


By Katie Weisman Through her business IbuMovement, Susan Hull Walker is working with some of the finest female craftsman in the world to bring you fashion and home goods while helping them reach economic self-sufficiency IBU pronounced “EeeBoo”) Movement, which has a second-floor showroom, office and studio on Charleston’s tony King Street, honors the craftsmanship […]

Jeanne Milliken Bonds

Professor at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, Former Community Developer at the Federal Reserve Bank Milliken is your maiden name, a name rich with Southern and textile history. Where did the family name originate? The Millikens have been in North and South Carolina since 1697 when they came over from Ireland and Scotland. Is there a […]

Nancy O’Dell

Former Co-Host on Entertainment Tonight, Television Host, Author, Journalist, Producer and Entertainer What were your parents’ professions? My father owned a construction company. My mother was a stay-at-home mom for the majority of her life, but she also was a real estate agent for a while. She was a very involved mom. Her example is […]

Carey Parker

Chief Executive Officer & Firm Council Chairperson of LHP Capital As a young person, you played basketball…You were a little starlet, I am told. I was the MVP, but let me say this. I started playing basketball, dribbling, when I was five years old because my dad played basketball. For as long as I can […]

Betsy Robinson

Founder of Fuzzy Friends Rescue You are a supporter of higher education in Texas. Why McLennan Community College? McLennan Community College is a local two-year college here in Waco, Texas. Each year, we give money to underwrite scholarships for students who wouldn’t have the money to go to school otherwise.We also support Baylor University, but […]