Holiday Gift Guide: For the Person Who Has It All

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holiday gift guide

With the holiday season getting closer each day, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Most of the time, giving gifts is pretty easy – until you get to that one person. The person who has everything: every trendy clothing item, piece of new technology, and cool gadget. Though it may seem impossible, there are some great gifts out there for the person who has everything and we’ve pulled them all together for you here in our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: An Experience is Worth a Thousand Hugs

holiday gift guide

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In first place for our Holiday Gift Guide are experience-based presents. Experiences are one of the most memorable things you could give a friend or loved one; if you really want to go the extra mile, try pairing any of these ideas with a disposable camera. No matter their interests, you can always find an activity your pampered pal will appreciate.

For the Busy Bee

holiday gift guide

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To start you have your classics: a spa day or a massage. This experience makes a super easy present – all you need is a gift certificate to treat your friend to a relaxing day that they will undoubtedly enjoy. If you or your friend are more into self-pampering, another gift option is to send them a spa kit and let them create their own relaxing experience at home. Top it off with a handheld massager to round out the at-home relaxation experience.

For the Fitness Fanatic

holiday gift guide

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The next item on our Holiday Gift Guide is for your fitness-loving friends. When all the Lululemon, Athleta, or Alo items have sold out, you can turn to class packages as a great gift that the receiver will actually use. If their workout of choice is spin, buy them Soul Cycle classes; classes come in packages with options ranging from three, five or ten sessions. If they prefer barre or yoga, get them a Pure Barre or Core Power gift card.

Another great option for any fitness junkie is a Peloton membership that gives the user access to an app full of on-demand and live classes. The classes include any kind of exercise you can think of, from running to strength and even dance. With a subscription or certificate, your friend or family member will certainly make good use of your gift – and feel like their best selves!

For the Fastidious Foodie

holiday gift guide

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For you friends that are less obsessed with fitness and more obsessed with food, there are a variety of experiences to give them that they are bound to enjoy. Many places like Sur la Table or Williams Sonoma offer select cooking classes and events, both in person and virtually. Expert chefs lead fun, interactive classes that are a perfect opportunity for any person hoping to improve their culinary skills, whether it be baking, dumpling making, or pasta shaping.

If you’re feeling extra generous, there are even private events available that can be tailored to fit your friend or family member’s skills, making it the perfect experience-based gift. Similarly, meal delivery kits have quickly gained popularity because of their ease and convenience. Kits like HelloFresh and Blue Apron come with all of the ingredients needed for delicious, simple recipes that will provide your friend or family member with a few weeks of amazing food. Not only are the meals healthy, they’re fun and quick to make – a gift that any person is bound to appreciate!

For the Wonderful Wine-O

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Next up we have an educational yet boozy experience: wine and painting class. This unique and trendy take on wine night makes a great date, girl’s night, or self-care activity. Even during COVID this is a great gift idea; Painting with a Twist offers virtual events you can follow along with at home, or you can book a night with your girl gang at one of their 300+ locations.

During the class, a trained artist guides you through the creative process while you sip and snack with your friends. A Painting with a Twist gift card is a great way to share the fun, or you can always research nearby businesses that offer similar experiences – try your local coffee shop or bookstore. Another option is to create a do-it-yourself wine and paint night at home. All you need for this creative gift is a bottle of wine and a simple painting set; you can easily mimic this relaxing class while staying in.

For the Daring Drinker

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Sticking with the theme of boozy, experience-based gifts, a mixology class is a great option for that person who loves to have fun, but already has every luxury liquor imaginable. With this gift, your friend or family member can fulfill their dreams of stepping behind the bar and taking charge. An added bonus to this gift is that once your friend successfully learns to bartend, they can supply you with drinks at your next get together.

For the Sentimental Soul

holiday gift guide

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Lastly, beyond experiences, the perfect gift for someone who has everything is a charitable one. Making a donation in a friend or family member’s name is a gift that they will always appreciate. To make it more special, and to show that you were thinking of them, find a cause that they are passionate about to donate to.

Certain charities will even make more tangible gifts out of your donation. For example, you can adopt an animal from the World Wildlife Fund or buy a Heifer cow to combat poverty. No matter what cause you choose, a donation will serve as a meaningful gift for whoever you’re shopping for, especially when they already have everything else.

Written by Claire Kuwana 

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