If it’s Greek to You

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Fire up the grill to test your culinary chops this summer

Greek food can be a bit intimidating. After all, the names of the dishes can be difficult to pronounce and some of the ingredients – especially some of the meats – are less traditional for Southerners’ palates, not to mention Southern cooks.

But you can relax, because it’s not too complicated. According to Pano Stathakis, there are four seasonings that go into a majority of Greek dishes: oregano, garlic, salt and pepper – add to those a zip of citric acid, such as lemon. Stathakis knows about Greek food. He is a Spartanburg chef whose Greek roots may be as old as some olive trees.

Pano and his mother, Anne Koutsogeorgas Stathakis, are sharing some of their recipes and culinary heritage with ELYSIAN. That’s fitting, because for Greeks, meals are community celebrations to be shared with friends and family.

So fire up the grill and test your culinary chops on these delicious, yet simple recipes. It’s sure to have your friends dancing and yelling, Opa!  E

Check out these recipes and get cooking!

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