Letter From the Publisher: Summer 2022

by Karen Floyd

“No water, no life. No blue, no green.”

– Sylvia Earle

I chose this quote from “Her Deepness”—a pseudo name the New Yorker gave to Sylvia Earle—the renowned oceanographer and living legend as a National Geographic Society Explorer. Why, you might ask? Though water is the source of everything, the result of this life creator, is growth and renewal . . . which is represented in the color green.

Because this issue is dedicated to everything green . . . from start to finish—cover to cover—it seemed only natural to explore the psychology of the color. On the surface, green represents nature, most certainly because we connect green with shrubs, grass and evergreens. But there is an endurance to the color, like a beautiful old white pine, aging without notice as it stands so grand in the forest, weathering years of drought and storms. Green is visually soothing, reflecting harmony and stability, but it is not a primary color. In its most basic form green is the combination of two colors, blue and yellow . . . and the inflection point becomes an array of unending sequences and variations of the color.

The purpose of this Publishers Letter is most decidedly to use the color green as a metaphor for that invisible line or inflection point in decisions both personal and environmental, that if done through self-awareness and stewardship can result in infinite possibilities. At the crux is a single question, “How much is enough . . . and what is the tipping point when the seemingly impossible state of balance and harmony feels out of reach?” . . . with unending personal, universal, economic and environmental demands.

In this issue we explore the lives of two Inspiring Women, our cover Governor Kristi Noem and activist and author Laura Turner Seydel (daughter of CNN founder Ted Turner). The influence their fathers (two men who shared a passion for ranching) had on them is undeniable. Though approaches differ, both women share a common passion for protecting our natural resources, a legacy they see for their children and beyond. This coupled with their personal love of nature and intentional environmental pursuits, binds them and serves as examples for others. ELYSIAN hopes that for just a moment in time, you can be inspired by two interviews, albeit serving different viewpoints, with equal respect and admiration.

Green environmentally friendly architecture, the mystery and magic of green tea, and works of art centered on a green palette are among our feature articles. We examine how photosynthesis works for you; the health benefits of succulent plants and how green facial masks can revitalize your skin. The OMD Movement, an advocacy group created by noted environmental leader and philanthropist Suzy Amis Cameron, is explored. Last but finally our ICON features the life of Rita Hayworth, the late American actress known around the world as “the love goddess,” whose end-of-life suffering brought an awareness to Alzheimer’s as never before.

ELYSIAN was created and is committed to inspire, elevate, and connect women over forty, who embrace the next chapter of their lives with enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion. This summer’s Green issue allows us a moment to redefine our inflection points and create the most unique hues of green imaginable.

Thank you for taking the journey with us.

Much love,

Karen Floyd

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