Obstacles to Peace

by Elysian Magazine

Back in early spring, our homes were the places where we slept, ate and hosted. The four walls we lovingly call our house were our protectors from the elements and our structure in the storm. For many of us, our homes have served as the landing spot in between adventures, not the place where all phases of life happen. The front door used to be the marker of us leaving to go be an active member of society, while our couch was our soft spot to land after a long day out in the world. Now, the lines have all been blurred. Living rooms are classrooms, and bathrooms are for conferences. Backyards are for dinner with friends, and maybe that wall needs to be moved back 3 feet or so. We are in our homes in an entirely new way, noticing things we’ve never seen before, and while learning a new normal comes with its frustrations, I find this new home appreciation to be very exciting. Why? Because the way you have designed your home is the way you have designed your life, and you can’t run away from that mirror anymore.

Look around your home. Where are the places you like to relax? Where can you be at ease? Where is the place of the most productivity? As a wellness coach and space creator, my work goes beyond the emotional self. Sometimes it is best for clients to work from the outside in, and the home draws a perfect map to whatever is going on with you. Open your refrigerator. What is it saying to you? Glance in your closet and see if that unorganized mess is the reason for the voice screaming in your head. Piles of books, receipts, plastic bags, all clutter send a message of stress to you every time you see it. “You made it through the day, but you still fell short here,” says the stack of cardboard boxes in your entryway. Gone are the days of throwing the mess into the hallway closet; now that space serves as the shelf for your DIY light rig; after all, those zoom meetings aren’t going to light themselves.

Photograph courtesy of Pafnuti / Shutterstock.com.

We have been forced into a much-needed reckoning that our homes have so much untapped potential, and in turn, so do we. What messages are you (accidentally) sending to yourself day in and day out? By keeping a pile of unread books by your bedside, you are reminding yourself that you never make time to read. By having your shoes all over the house, you are advertising that you can’t be bothered to be organized. It’s no wonder you’re exhausted by noon; not only is your house now the center of all life for everyone in your family, but you also have emotional landmines scattered everywhere, and you’re spending precious energy avoiding them. Are you willing to face them instead and untangle the chaos? Can you imagine how much more of a positive impact you could have on the world if you weren’t giving stress free rent? It’s time to evict.

Chances are you are an intelligent, successful person working to make your positive mark on the world, and you are. You are full of promise and light, and you have a very specific purpose for being here. However, if you’re carrying your own torch while meandering through piles of clothes and a doorway that’s constricted by furniture that you don’t even like, your light can’t possibly shine to its full potential. Eliminate the messages of stress by dedicating time each week to untangling the chaos areas. Think of this project as a chance to re-meet your house. You aren’t the only one going through major changes. The windows and the floorboards had a real thing going until you started staying home all the time. Now, they have to sneak around like the plants do, when everyone is asleep. Once again, look around your home. Where are the places you like to relax, and what obstacles stand in the way? Where can you be at ease, and what might you need to build on that? Where is the place of the most productivity, and what do you need to feel more focused?

Give yourself a reprieve, and rediscover your surroundings. With gentle eyes, take time to untangle the chaos areas. You deserve a home that supports your state of mind, and that process requires willingness and her best friend, patience. Who knows, as you sift through the old and notice the new, you may even start to see the measure of your personal growth throughout this year. Undoubtedly, you’ve been challenged, and with all challenge comes growth. How might you reflect the new you in the place where it all happens? Renew your perspective, reclaim your space and recognize that the obstacle to your peace is in your very, capable hands.

Written by Mary Rogers McMaster

Mary Rogers McMaster is a holistic wellness coach with over twenty years of acting experience. Her work in personal wellness spans many forms including chakra work, energy healing, Alexander technique, leadership training, executive coaching, fitness, dance, talk therapy and emotional release.

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