Elixir of Life: The Wellness Journey of Entrepreneur Shayna Tejada

by Elysian Magazine

Overstuffed and comfortable, the chairs at Liquivida Lounge have wide armrests to accommodate the optimal arm position for an IV drip. There is gentle music playing in the background, and the light scent of lavender and rosemary linger in the air. “What are your wellness goals?” asks an attendant. Are you looking to boost athletic performance or cognitive ability? Do you want to counteract the effects of aging? Are you combating chronic illness? Feeling hungover after a night of indulgence? There is something here for everyone.

Liquivida Lounge, an intravenous nutritional company founded in 2013 by Shayna and Sam Tejada is on the forefront of the latest trend in radical wellness. Nutrients and hydration are pumped directly into your veins, improving absorption and thus having a more pronounced effect on the system than vitamins administered orally.

And who could be more in need of intravenous nutrition than a young entrepreneur? Getting a new business off the ground is a notoriously grueling process. There are sleepless nights. Subpar food eaten on the run. Elevated stress levels. Scant time for exercise. Since she and her husband, Sam, started the Liquivida Lounge, Shayna Tejada has gone through the gamut. Initially, she worked a second job while lining up investors for Liquivida’s launch. She handles operations and finance while her husband raises capital and establishes strategic partnerships. But when your company is dedicated to wellness, your own health becomes a billboard for the brand, for better or worse.

Shayna and Sam have always understood the importance of good health. They started their first company, Rescue 101 (a training program for CPR) just out of college. Sam embarked on a career as a firefighter paramedic, and began working at a wellness center. Part of his job was concierge phlebotomy work, which involved visiting people’s homes, drawing their blood, and delivering it to doctors. He saw the high-end of health where IV therapy was an opportunity for the wealthy, but he had a strong desire to make those benefits accessible to everyone

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