Shift Your Culinary Lineup this Season

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Transform the ordinary tailgate party

Crisp fall Saturdays in the South bring to mind the smell of mouthwatering smoky goodness wafting through football stadium parking lots. Burgers, hot dogs and fried chicken — while delicious — are all pretty standard fare for tailgate parties.

Why not kick off this football season with a game-changing culinary lineup? Add depth to your menu with simple, yet flavorful dishes and appetizers.

Chef Pano Stathakis of Spartanburg, S.C., — a University of South Carolina graduate and diehard Gamecock fan — shares a spread of tailgate recipes that add a touch of Mediterranean flair.

Best of all, Stathakis chose recipes that don’t require a long list of ingredients and are easy enough to make in advance at home, or if you’re packing a grill, in the parking lot before the game.

His Chicken Bite Skewers feature marinated chicken thigh meat that can be served freshly cooked or prepared in advance and served cold, perhaps on a salad. Stathakis says thigh meat’s increased fat adds flavor and is more tender than breast meat. If you prefer, seafood, pork or beef can also use the same versatile marinade.

Below, Stathakis provides his award-winning USC Chili recipe that won Best Taste in the Walker Foundation Chili Cookoff this year at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind. During the competition, even several Clemson fans voted for his chili. Now that’s a testament to a game-changing recipe.  E

Check out these recipes and get cooking!

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