EVEY Fine Art

by Elysian Magazine

EVEY Fine Art is a gallery with a commitment to showcasing mid-career contemporary artists with an immaculate academic and museal background that appeal to seasoned collectors who are looking for stellar works by emerging artists that likewise provide the best investment potential for their personal collections. This month EVEY features the works of such artists, including Carlos Llanes, whose textural work is an explosion of color and depth; the organic, linear works of minimal artist Ruben Rodriguez; the geometric abstract art of Maximo Caminero; the illusionary art of Jorge Luis Santos; and the three-dimensional work on paper of artist Patricio Rodriguez. Among the most absorbing work is that of Omar Diaz Guadarrama, who surrealistic landscapes are hauntingly ethereal, and the
textural veil-like paintings of Patricia Markos Dolan, which are remarkable in their depth and beauty.

Photo courtesy of Evey Fine Art

In an interview with Palm Beach Society Magazine in 2020, Carla explained, “Diversified and unique – I want to offer the full variety of solid investment pieces and exciting new artists with a great vision and potential. Therefore, the gallery features contemporary artists from the US and Europe alongside classical artwork, offering an eclectic range of art and creating an exciting new mix. The gallery’s exhibitions are also inspired by my personal fascination with integrating thousands of years of art history in our 21st century way of life, combining the old with the new from 3000 BC to 2020 AD.” Visit EVEY FINE ART, 240 South County Road, Palm Beach, Florida, 33480, Email the gallery at contact@artevey.com, or call them at (561) 675-0208.

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