The Healthy Traveler

by Elysian Magazine

Get the most out of your travel destinations with a few simple travel tips to maintain your health and energy levels.

By Angie Comer

Whether you are traveling the world for business or leisure, it is an experience you want to enjoy. Yet, as a result of the excitement and anticipation, you/your body will react to the stress physically, mentally, and emotionally. You spend hours in low humidity on flights, travel across different time zones, and “make do” with limited food choices in airports, only to arrive at your destination exhausted before the adventure ever begins.

The goal of most travel is to unwind, relax, explore, and enjoy. Staying healthy and energetic is key to accomplishing these travel goals. Here are a few simple travel tips to help you feel your best.

DRINK UP: In an aircraft cabin, the humidity in the circulating air drops pretty low. Dehydration can become an issue causing dry skin, fatigue, dry throat, and itchy eyes. Stay ahead of the dehydration dilemma by drinking plenty of water before and during travel. Pack a reusable water bottle to fi ll after passing through security; then, sip on it throughout your flight so you arrive at your destination feeling alert and energetic. Here are a few other tips that will help you ward off the effects of dehydration: use alcohol-free moisturizers and lotions, keep eye drops handy, and skip the alcohol inflight. Save happy hour for your final destination!

EAT HEALTHY: We all like to try local foods and restaurants when we travel. But indulging in rich foods, eating pasta, and drinking wine at every meal, will take a toll on your energy level and your waistline. You can maintain balance and still enjoy exploring the foods that different cultures off er by incorporating a protein, fruit, and vegetable into each meal. By consuming a well-rounded, balanced meal each time you sit down to eat, you’re getting critical nutrients that your body requires to maintain energy and to function at its best.

Traveling with healthy snacks, such as nuts, seeds, fruits, and protein bars for long layovers and emergencies, will also prevent overeating at meals and resorting to unhealthy airport food. I also love to travel with superfood greens because they are a quick, easy, and convenient way to get in a hefty dose of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients each day.

GET YOUR ZZZs: Traveling to different time zones can affect your body’s circadian rhythm and internal time clock. Make sure you get between seven and eight hours of rest each night and resist the temptation to take a nap upon arrival at your destination. From the moment you reach your destination, follow the night-and-day patterns for your rest. Going to sleep when the local area grows dark allows your natural melatonin to kick in. Rise when day breaks to slowly acclimate to the new time zone.

GET MOVING: Exercise invigorates your body, allowing the lymphatic system to work efficiently alongside the immune system. Keep up with your regular exercise schedule while traveling. In reality, you probably have more time to exercise during a getaway than at home. Use this extra time to take a hike, rent a bike, or hit the local or hotel gym. Thirty minutes of exercise a day will make a huge difference in the way you feel and will boost your energy level.

Travel can present some physical, mental and emotional challenges, but with a little pre-planning and by following these simple tips, you can return home feeling rested, relaxed, and refreshed.

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