The Stories Behind CatWalk FurBaby

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Celia Cooksey

Get up to speed on everything CatWalk FurBaby ahead of the documentary’s premier this week in New York City. Over the past year, ELYSIAN stories have focused on animal welfare, pervasive throughout the initiative, the foundation that makes it all possible, and the players and people that made the moments memorable.

If you are new to ELYSIAN, the inaugural CatWalk FurBaby kicked off New York Fashion Week in February 2023. The event paired 10 fashion designers with 10 animal welfare organizations across the country in one unforgettable show.

Take a stroll with the articles below, and stay tuned for next week’s chapter coming out of the New York City International Fashion Film Festival.

  • Dive into the sights and sounds that made CatWalk FurBaby memorable. There is an effervescence to a fashion show, with so many moments worthy of their own feature story. While the fashion world can sometimes feel serious, this event took that seriousness and added the bubbly fizz to make it pop.
  • The why: What makes this event so special? The key partners made CatWalk FurBaby a success – ELYSIAN, a bastion of women excellence; SohoMuse, a true creative force; and the BISSELL Pet Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals across America. Together with DRC Ventures / The Root Brands, our title sponsor, this combination created an exciting show that featured fashion for a good cause – the lives of pets that are the most vulnerable.
  • Get to know the top-tier designers who made an impact on the CatWalk FurBaby stage. From Marc Bouwer’s simple luxury done well, to Karen Caldwell’s “Vintage Chic Turning Up the Heat,” the 10 designers featured in the show held nothing back and made fashion moments to remember.
  • The debut of Enviremware from Merci Dupre Clothiers showcased the ultimate in luxury eco-fashion and protection. Dr. Christina Rahm’s innovative nano-biotech skin-coating technology offers a barrier against hazardous toxins that could threaten your health without sacrificing style.
  • Discover the root cause of why CatWalk FurBaby was so impactful, beyond just the charitable giving, thanks to the sponsorship of the forward-looking DRC Ventures.
  • The BISSELL Pet Foundation financially assists and supports 5,600 partner organizations, mainly shelters, through lifesaving programs such as Empty the Shelters Events and spay/neuter initiatives.
  • Get to know the CatWalk FurBaby team that made this possible.
  • Check out the roundup of stellar press coverage that highlighted CatWalk FurBaby.

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