Tiroler Goldschmied: Where Fine Jewelry Soars

by Elysian Magazine

Nestled in the valleys of South Tyrol, Italy, Tiroler Goldschmied was born of humble beginnings as a one-man jewelry shop. Today, it is an internationally recognized, family-owned business with four locations. Drawing from the strengths of 22 family members, Tiroler Goldschmied has kept one thing consistent throughout its success: tradition and innovation must go hand-in-hand.

With a family of goldsmiths and designers, it is no wonder that the brand produces each piece of jewelry with expert craftsmanship. Having a hand for handicrafts runs in the family, and in addition to their expertise, the makers of Tiroler Goldschmied are always dedicated to ensuring that the customer’s input is integral in the process of purchasing jewelry. Personal consultations allow the crafters to fully understand the personal wishes of the customer.

Alongside a decades-long commitment to quality, Tiroler Goldschmied is committed to an ever-evolving modernity. Showrooms in Schenna and Morano, Italy are meant to be creatively modern. That contemporary theme extends to their jewelry. They pay close attention to what’s trending in the jewelry world, and they make sure those trends play a role in what they create.

The unique juxtaposition of Tiroler Goldschmied’s contemporary tradition is not all that sets them apart. The company stands as one of the most respected providers of specialty jewelry. The artisans are specifically known for their designer falcon hoods. Each hood starts out as a 3-D model and, through the use of the most cutting edge technology, becomes a stunning work of wearable art to grace the feathery heads of trained falcons.

In the skilled hands of those Tiroler Goldschmied, the centuries-long tradition of falconry becomes modernized. Technologically advanced production techniques form a product that has garnered praise from all over the world.

As they so expertly and passionately meld convention with innovation, it is clear that Tiroler Goldschmied is among the brightest of gems in the jewelry industry. Built to last decades and designed to be relevant, a piece of jewelry from this company will always be made with the love of a family who takes pride in what they do.

By Megan Robinson

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