A Greater Good: Katie Sheehan’s U-Turn

I was on the frontline of fashion. I sat at negotiating tables all over the world, leveraging the cheapest, fastest, biggest retail volumes I could. It was the career I thought I wanted. 

And then I gave it all up. No backup plan. No other job lined up. I walked out and into a vast world that had more to offer me than I ever realized.

Leaving had everything to do with the future I saw for myself. I saw myself being a mom, and the high pressure, long hours, and frequent international travel would have given me virtually no time to raise a child.

More than that, I envisioned myself doing something better, something ethical, something sustainable. I had been selling high volume products, made at such a low cost, that their origins and means of production were largely unknown and unquestioned. I knew that my work was having a negative impact somewhere along the line because, at the end of the day, I was supporting an industry that valued profit over people and the planet. It was time for a change. 



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