Tone Your Triceps

by Elysian Magazine

By Clyde Norris
Photographs by Jay Vaughan

Avoiding the dreaded flabby back of the upper arms makes strengthening the triceps area foremost on many women’s toning regimens. Luckily, the three muscles that comprise the triceps can be toned at home without special equipment by utilizing these three simple moves outlined by Clyde Norris, a personal trainer and award-winning body builder.

Tricep dips

Begin with knees at a 90-degree angle and palms facing forward off the edge of a chair.

Lower your body to the floor until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Then push back up to the starting position.

Repeat the sequence for two sets of 10 repetitions, targeting the triceps area.

Closed grip pushups

Begin by placing your thumbs and index fingers together firmly on the floor to form a diamond.

Start with your arms extended and back straight. Crossing your feet is optional. Bend your elbows outward and lower your thighs toward the floor, keeping your back straight.

Try to complete two sets of 10 repetitions to ensure optimal toning.


Triceps hip raise

Begin in a seated position, knees bent, arms straight and slightly wider than shoulder width, as pictured.

Raise glutes off the floor until your body is parallel. Concentrate on squeezing the triceps to ensure optimal contraction.

Lower your body back to the floor and repeat the sequence for a total of two sets of 10 repetitions.



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