Big Day? When to Schedule Your Aesthetic Treatment

by ELYSIAN Magazine

We all want to look and feel our best during the significant moments in our lives. Facials, chemical peels, injectable fillers, and other aesthetic treatments can help boost your confidence during your special occasion. 

But it can be hard to know when to schedule an appointment to see your dermatologist or aesthetic provider. We asked Dr. Chere Lucas Anthony and Dr. Ann Mazor Reed of Rendon Center in Boca Raton to answer questions about scheduling beauty treatments ahead of your big day.

Your skin is a durable but sensitive organ that needs time to adjust and heal after an aesthetic treatment. Some of today’s most popular skin rejuvenating treatments work by deliberately triggering your skin’s healing factors to boost blood circulation, collagen production, and new skin cell generation. 

As Dr. Lucas Anthony said, “Appropriate planning for your procedure is important to optimize results. There are a variety of treatment options that we customize for each patient, and often these can be combined during the same visit. It’s best to schedule a consultation well in advance. Recommendations can be given at that time for preparation such as sun-avoidance, downtime, and when the results will be noticeable.”

When to Schedule Your Aesthetic Treatment

The exact timing for your beauty enhancement treatment depends on various factors, including your specific skin type, any existing medical conditions, and the procedure in question. While each person is different and will recover at their own pace, these general guidelines can help when scheduling your appointment: 


1 – 3 Weeks Before Your Event

Facials, chemical peels, and other topical treatments can typically be scheduled one to three weeks before your occasion. This allows time for any redness, swelling, or other side effects to calm down, leaving your skin glowing and refreshed. 

If you want to address specific skin concerns like acne, discoloration, or scarring ahead of your big day, consult with a board certified dermatologist like Dr. Reed to determine your best options. 

“At the Rendon Center, we personalize skin care treatments based on the patient’s specific concerns. Depending on what we are targeting, treatments can take anywhere from one to three or more sessions to achieve the desired results,” she said.

It’s important to be mindful of your skin’s sensitivity after a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Avoiding excessive sun exposure and irritating skin products gives your skin the best chance to heal quickly and beautifully. Your provider will give you specific post-treatment care instructions that you should follow closely for the best results.


3 – 6 Weeks Before Your Event

If you’re looking into injectable fillers or wrinkle relaxers like Botox, plan to see your licensed injector at least three to six weeks beforehand. While Botox and filler parties can seem like tempting fun, the potential risks aren’t worth it.

“I can not emphasize enough how important it is to have your injections performed by a thoroughly trained injector who is not only board-certified in the field but also performs cosmetic treatments regularly.” Dr. Reed said. “The amount of money you may save on a procedure will never make up for the potential safety concerns that can occur with inexperienced injectors.”

Both dermal fillers and neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport require time to see the full effect. Fillers will need time to settle, and neurotoxins don’t take immediate effect on the targeted muscles. You may also see a fair bit of initial swelling and/or bruising in the days after the injection, but this will eventually subside.

In the unlikely case that you are dissatisfied with your results, dermal fillers can be easily dissolved. However, it isn’t instantaneous. Allow up to two weeks for the swelling to recede after getting filler dissolved. 

Unfortunately, Botox is not reversible, which is why it’s important to be sure of your decision before you get injected. Botox can take up to six months to wear off. 


3 – 6+ Months Before Your Event

Some cosmetic procedures will require more than one session to see your desired results. Laser skin rejuvenation treatments and broadband light therapies are incredibly effective in addressing a broad range of skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sun damage, and more. However, you may need to schedule a few sessions to achieve your specific goals.

“The number and frequency of treatments will vary depending on the person,” Dr. Lucas Anthony said. “Most will get lovely results after two to three BBL sessions a month apart. Other resurfacing treatments with more downtime will be less frequent. For example, you may have a combination treatment of resurfacing and IPL/BBL for the first, followed by just IPL/BBL a month later. Maintenance treatments would then be anywhere from one to three times a year.”

Both laser and light therapies provide natural, lasting results by encouraging your skin’s own natural healing process to produce new collagen and promote skin cell turnover. There’s no risk of allergic reaction to injectable solutions and no harsh chemicals. However, it is important to allow enough time before your big day for your skin to fully heal so you can put your best face forward.

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