A Wedding Reception with Real Style—and Heart

by Elysian Magazine



THE PANDEMIC FORCED SO MANY THINGS in life to be rescheduled, wedding celebrations among them. One delayed festivity that’s finally about to take place will be hosted by the couple themselves—South Carolina entrepreneur and philanthropist Robert Castellani and his wife, Kelly—with an unusual twist. They have chosen to celebrate their marriage by hosting a fund-raising event for one of their heartstring causes. At their home in Simpsonville, South Carolina, on Friday, October 8th at 6:00 PM, the couple will host “a celebration of new life” for Safe Harbor, a non-profit organization that provides services to victims of domestic violence and their children through a coordinated community program that advocates education and prevention. All proceeds will go to the capital reserve fund for the building of a Domestic Violence Shelter and Center for Safe Harbor.


Safe Harbor is a private 501©3 non-profit organization that provides needful services for adult victims of domestic violence and their children in Greenville, Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee Counties through a support staff of 45 full-time and 20 part-time employees, and over 300 volunteers to assist them in starting a healthy, and productive new life.

The Safe Harbor Anthem

We live in communities we love — where our neighbor waits for her husband to leave the room before she exhales.
We live in communities we love — where families are under attack, from within.
We live in communities we love — in a culture that’s numb to violence.
A culture where one in five children has witnessed domestic abuse.
A culture that asks, “Why doesn’t she leave?” without seeing all that stands in her way.
A culture where leaving is even more dangerous for those who are marginalized.
Where black women face death at the hands of their partners almost 3 times more often than white women.
Where trauma plagues more than victims and their families, but whole neighborhoods, whole towns, whole cities, and whole generations.
Where statistics tell one part of the story — but only we can write the rest, together.
At Safe Harbor, we believe everyone has the right to be safe and valued in their homes and most intimate relationships.


For more information or to make a donation:

(864) 467-1177
429 North Main Street, Suite 1
P. O. Box 174
Greenville, SC 29602

24/7 HELP LINE (800) 291-2139


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