Biohacking: The DIY Revolution in Wellness

by Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Amber Edwards
What is biohacking, and how does it work? It is a question many people and news outlets are asking, and as ever, it is good to be in the know.
Biohacking your body involves transforming your chemistry and physiology through science and self-experimentation to boost your energy and vitality. Essentially, it is a techy way of saying that you’re invested in your wellness on many levels. Now, it is considered a global movement based on the idea that you can change the environment around you and inside of you so you have full control of your biology. Simply making good lifestyle choices including exercise and diet can be considered biohacking. Taking it further, breathwork, meditation, and anything that brings your mind focus and your body health is a way of biohacking your wellness. Overcoming the obstacles the environment and genetics may have bestowed upon you.
Beyond simple lifestyle choices, one can change their molecular limitations by taking supplements orally, or biologics intravenously. Technology like smart watches and heart or glucose monitors can all help someone focus on bettering their biology. All these elements of wellness combined and pushed into new scientific realms including red light therapy, stem cell therapy, and cryotherapy, have given biohacking a coolness that an old-school wellness regime lacks.  
People are eager to optimize their biology for better health, performance, and well-being and are turning to biohacking. Dave Asprey is the founder of Upgrade Labs & known as the ‘Father of Biohacking’, He advocates for the science of longevity and human optimization. There are many famous biohackers, from Wim Hoff, the Dutch extreme athlete, to Tim Ferriss, the author of the Four-Hour Workweek and the Four-Hour Body. There is content to be found for all those technology-focused among us, looking for the latest and greatest to keep them looking and feeling young.
The motivations behind this trend are diverse. For many, biohacking represents a means to exercise greater control over their health, experiment with novel and unconventional ideas, address perceived physical imperfections, and pursue longevity and a higher quality of life. As biohacking continues to evolve, it is poised to redefine the boundaries of human potential.
Biohacking represents a fascinating intersection of science, technology, and wellness. By taking control of our biology through various methods—from simple lifestyle changes to advanced scientific techniques—individuals can optimize their health, performance, and overall well-being. As this global movement grows, it offers new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of human potential. Whether you’re looking to enhance your vitality, explore unconventional health strategies, or simply take a more proactive role in your wellness, biohacking provides a pathway to a healthier, more empowered life.

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