Featured Expert – Dr. Christina Rahm


by Elysian Magazine

Dr. Christina Rahm is a highly sought-after healthcare executive, scientific researcher, patent innovator, entrepreneur, and author. She holds degrees from Cornell and Harvard universities in nanotechnology, pharmaceutical management, and nutrition, along with doctorates in education and philosophy, and a Master’s of Science. She has lectured at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, Wake Forest, and Mayo Clinic while holding board member and chairperson appointments for multiple organizations and corporations. 

Christinia is considered an expert in the fields of psychology, medtech, fintech, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, bioscience engineering, nanotechnology, and environmental health, having held positions with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Janssen/Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Alexion Pharmaceuticals. Her most recent role is founder and chief scientific officer for The Root Brands, where she has patented trade formulas on more than 100 products that are now in more than 67 countries. 

Her entrepreneurial ventures include being founder/CEO of CMT Holdings, Rahm Medical LLC, Cure The Causes Inc., DOC and DC2 Holdings, Predicted Health and Merci Dupre Ventures, the Rahm Foundation, the International Science Nutrition Society, and her most recent project, a global scientific runway series of fashion and art titled Under The Red Chandelier.

Christina has traveled to more than 85 countries presenting, lecturing, and consulting for the public and private sectors on health, nutrition, nutraceuticals, wellness strategies, and environmental solutions. She says her expansive philanthropic initiatives and being the mother of four has always kept her grounded to be even better in her many corporate business ventures and executive roles.

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