ELYSIAN Impact: Creating Legacy and Connecting Women

by Amber Edwards
ELYSIAN’s philanthropic arm, ELYSIAN Impact, engages our Circle of Inspiring Women – a network of accomplished female thought leaders with national and international influence – and amplifies their self-identified philanthropic causes. ELYSIAN’s priority areas for giving are those charities that benefit women, children, service, animals, and the environment.
Impact giving and philanthropy are foundational concepts of ELYSIAN and core to our ELYSIAN Circle of Inspiring Women. Time and again, we have discovered that the tireless sense of purpose, passion, and determination underpinning the career achievements of the Inspiring Women featured in our magazine also drive a heartfelt commitment to giving back.
Our desire to build a legacy and our shared responsibility to the next generation underscores women-driven philanthropy.
It is with this in mind that we formed ELYSIAN Impact, a series of initiatives that will work with philanthropies to enhance their connection with our ELYSIAN Circle of Women.
ELYSIAN Impact has disbursed more than $16 million over the past eight years to charities in five areas: animals (welfare), children (abuse and neglect), the environment (sustainability and remediation), service (military and public), and women (violence of any form).
ELYSIAN Impact works directly with philanthropies in these specific areas. ALL donations are made directly to the charity.
These efforts and partnerships have created a template that is replicated across mission-driven and charitable organizations nationwide.
The scalability of charitable campaigns speaks to the ELYSIAN ethos in that it broadens the impact and the lives touched by the endeavor.
Helping 100 women is a wonderful thing; 
But helping 10,000 women creates real social change.
It builds a movement that can have a generational impact.
It builds a legacy.

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