Holiday Gifts for Readers: ELYSIAN’s Top 8 Picks

by Elysian Magazine
holiday gifts for readers

This list of holiday gifts for readers was made just for you; the days of stressing about what presents to get for your bookworm buddies is over!

ELYSIAN’s Top 8 Holiday Gifts for Readers

Growing up, my favorite gift on Christmas morning was always a book. Every year, I ended up reading the entire book that same day, but the excitement of a new story to dive into lingered nonetheless. Now that technology makes it so an entire world of books is at your fingertips, sometimes it feels like gifting a hardcopy just doesn’t carry the same weight. Luckily, ELYSIAN has compiled a list of the top 8 holiday gifts for readers.

1. Bathtub Caddy

First up on our list is a gift that will allow every reader to relax while prioritizing self-care; a bathtub caddy. PotteryBarn sells a caddy that includes an adjustable book rack that will hold any bookworm’s novel of choice open while they soak. The PotteryBarn version is made with stainless steel and a moisture-resistant finish, but any caddy will look sleek in your favorite reader’s bathroom.

holiday gifts for readers

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Bumbusi also sells another caddy option made with long-lasting, environmentally-friendly bamboo wood. With multiple nooks and crannies, this expandable caddy can hold a book, glasses, and even wine, making it the perfect gift to help your favorite reader unwind.


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2. Custom Print


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For a more personalized gift, this adorable custom book print will make any reader feel special. You can choose anywhere from seven to 20 of your friend or family member’s favorite books and put them into a colorful and charming print of their “Ideal Bookshelf.” The final product looks amazing in a frame or by itself and will make thoughtful holiday gifts for readers in your life to cherish.

3. Scratch-Off Chart

Next up is a fun, interactive gift that allows the receiver to go on a literary journey and maybe even find their new favorite book. The first scratch-off from Pop Chart includes the work of over 50 female writers so your friend or family member will have plenty of new novels to discover. With every book, there is an individual section to scratch-off that reveals a cute portrait of each author underneath.


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For a more broad list of titles, Uncommon Goods offers a scratch-off that includes 100 iconic books, each with a charming graphic underneath to match the story. This is a particularly perfect holiday gift for readers that have kids; a lot of the books included are for a younger audience such as Harry Potter or Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

4. Kindle

holiday gifts for readers

A classic gift option for any reader is Amazon’s Kindle. The new Paperwhite model is even waterproof, so your friend or family member can take their books everywhere without having to worry about damage (or it falling out of their new bathtub caddy). A single charge holds for up to six weeks and either 8 or 32 gigabytes worth of books can be stored on the device. With a Kindle, bookworms have practically unlimited amounts of books at their demand. It’s a gift that every reader will make great use of.

5. Book Lamp


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This beautiful book lamp is an elegant gift option that is both practical and unique. Created by San Francisco-based designer Max Gunawan, Lumio is an incredibly innovative reading light. When closed, it appears to be a leatherbound hardcover book, but when open, the lamp looks like book pages spread open. This portable and functional lamp is perfect for any bookworm — they can read all through the night with light from a stunning sculptural lamp.

6. Book Club Subscription

Another options on our list of holiday gifts for readers in your life is a book club subscription. There are a plethora of options for subscriptions available online, but we’ve narrowed down some of our favorites below. The first is BlackLITBox, which showcases a handpicked collection of books by black authors with the intention of highlighting cultures that are typically left out of classrooms. It’s a great option for a gift that keeps on giving, both to the reader and to the communities that are being amplified.


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Similar to BlackLITBox, the Feminist Book Club subscription box aims to empower female writers by sending out feminist literature each month. The box also includes one or two products every month from a women-owned business, so you will be supporting women in multiple ways when you buy.


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Last but not least is your more standard book club subscription. Book of the Month picks five different works every month, and the reader can choose which one (or several) they want to receive. Your friend or family member is bound to think of you every month when they receive a brand new book, so be sure to check out this option.


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7. Personal Embosser

holiday gifts for readers

A personal embosser makes a thoughtful holiday gift for readers who love detail. The device includes a “Library of…” stamp so that your friend or family member can add an intimate touch to their own personal book collection. There are also a number of other options including initial embossers for a more simple look. Either way, this personal stamp is a classy gift idea to add a special detail to any beloved book.

8. Bookends

The last gift on the list doubles as both beautiful decor and practical storage. These Jonathan Adler bookends makes a classy gift for any book — and animal — lover to use for their collection.


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Or for a more trendy look, these agate bookends from ANNA New York are stunning and a perfect addition to any library.


Written by Claire Kuwana

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