Trends to Look for at NY Fashion Week 2023

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Predicting trends is a challenge, but one the trendiest of New York Fashion Week attendees are ready for.  Trends like lime green, Barbiecore, lingerie as outerwear, and a resurgence from our 1990s and Y2K past will make the runways of New York Fashion Week’s vibrant showcases, we hear.

Color predictions are always a favorite. While the preeminent source of color expertise, the Pantone Color Institute, has determined Viva Magenta to be the color of the year, there is another color trend forecaster that is piquing interest of fashionistas. WGSN and the creators of the Coloro Color Code system have joined forces to predict that the true color of the year, and one we might expect to see on runways this fashion season, is Digital Lavender. Perhaps riding the tide of Taylor Swift’s opening track from Midnights with “Lavender Haze,” this color with its muted hue and coolness is in stark contrast to the bright and happy magenta. It will be interesting to see which color dominates the runways this season.

The truth is you never know what designer will have an iconic moment and which runway will upend expectations and establish a new norm. From the moment Marc Jacobs put grunge on the runway for Perry Ellis, defying everything high fashion thought it was, to Calvin Klein ushering in a new ’90s chic eschewing the bright-and-tight wares from the years before and embracing a new relaxed style – we all will have to wait and see what surprises are in store.

And though we may never know what will resonate and make an impact, an entire industry is predicting the trends that will live and thrive beyond the end of New York Fashion Week. Some may analyze the fashion seasons based on astrology, but the fashion houses and stylists who make NYFW run have a sense on what to expect.

One fashion house, Lafayette 148, has shared the reasoning behind its Fall 2023 collection, which draws inspiration from Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library, one of New York City’s foremost cultural, civic and educational institutions. The collection, entitled “In the Library of Women,” presents exquisitely constructed garments using the very finest fabrics to evoke the library’s sculptural spaces and elegant serenity – fusing collegiate spirit with upmost sophistication. What we can expect from Lafayette 148’s collection is an understated collegiate spirit, high-waists, and casual sweaters that emphasize autumnal comfort. Leaning into the popularity of “dark academia,” a bookish ease is prevalent throughout.

ELYSIAN embraces timeless fashion, but always knowing the trends and what is in style is key to staying fresh and current. As we head into the New York Fashion Week season, we cannot wait for the wow moments that will inspire our wardrobe and the fashion that reflects what we want to see for the future.

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