Staying Fit While Traveling

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Exercise and health tips for staying in shape while on the road

Staying fit and healthy while traveling, whether its for business or pleasure, can be extremely challenging. It can takes months for the benefits of a healthy eating regimen and regular exercise to take hold, but only a couple of days to undo. When we allow bad habits to creep in, especially when away from home, our regular routine can be easily derailed upon return. Here are 5 tips to staying on track when on the road:

Walk. Walk. Walk.

Walking whenever and wherever possible may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s also one of the most powerful and accessible activities available us to counteract sluggishness brought on by travel. If in the airport, take the stairs. And if there aren’t any stairs, don’t just stand on the escalator or the people-mover, walk! When you get to tour destination, if you’re staying at a hotel ask the concierge for sights within walking distance. Go old school, pick up a map, and study the area. For any routes under a mile, walk it! The best way to experience a city is by foot after all.

Drink (Even More) Water

As with walking, drinking plenty of water is always advisable, but even more so when traveling. Cabin air causes dehydration so ditch the caffeine and alcohol and drink water instead so you can get a running start when you land. A good rule of thumb is one glass of water for every hour on the plane.

Pack Light, Pack Right

When it comes to an exercise routine, bring it back to the basics. Pack a jump rope and your resistance bands and you’re all set. (Jumping rope burns the most calories per minute than any other cardio). There are plenty of exercises — crunches, lunges, jumping jacks, squats — that require absolutely no machinery and very little space. A simple online search will pull up any number of easy-to-follow routines.

Shop Like a Local

Head to a grocery store and grab some healthy snacks for when you’re on the go. Visiting a local grocery store, especially when you’re in a new country, can be a fun way of experiencing the tenor of everyday life.

Download a Personal Training App

Need focused workouts and accountability? Personal online training programs are the answer. With these apps, you can get custom workouts that you can use anytime and anywhere. Several apps are even going the extra mile to optimize the role of the virtual trainer.

Franklin Antonin, named one of SHAPE Magazine’s Top 50 Trainers in America and founder of iBodyFit, makes an extra effort to ensure his clients are getting the workout they want. “Each user gets several custom video workouts that they can do on their own time, including HD video and slow motion exercise samples,” explains Antonin. iBodyFit clients can also reach their trainers day or night via phone, text, IM, Facebook, Twitter — you name it, they’re on call.

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