Write What You Know

By Kathie Bennett Reinvention is a concept familiar to Kimmery Martin, a Charlotte, North Carolina, physician. A few years ago, spurred by her love of literature, Martin decided to try writing a novel. Set in the world she knows best- the practice of medicine- her debut novel The Queen of Hearts revolves around a significant […]

Not Just for Southern Belles

By Katie Weisman Some of the ingredients in Sapelo Skin Care read like a fairy tale: oyster shell extract, Irish moss algae, gardenia, magnolia pines, and fennel, among others. But Sapelo, an independent luxury brand from Savannah, Georgia, embraces the reality of proven science-based formulas and is making a difference in beauty regimens. “We replicate […]

Closing the Circle

At ELYSIAN, we continue to honor our commitment to the next generation of women by introducing them to exceptional women who have achieved success. In this spirit, we were delighted to introduce ELYSIAN Inspiring Woman Nancy O’Dell to our cover model, Caroline Comer. Most will recognize Nancy O’Dell as the co-host of the popular entertainment […]

The Jewel of Her Dreams

Ruby City

Ruby City is a celestial gem box containing locally and globally renowned contemporary artists as well as the conviction and dreams of its late founder, Linda Pace. Art was a staple in Linda Pace’s life, just as her family’s namesake Picante sauce is a staple in every San Antonian’s kitchen. Pace was born in 1945 to […]

My Soul Has Grown Deep Like The Rivers

Girl at Gee's Bend (Artelia Bendolph)

By Latria Graham HOLDING THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF WORKS BY AFRICAN AMERICAN ARTISTS FROM THE SOUTHERN UNITED STATES, THE SOULS GROWN DEEP COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP & FOUNDATION IS REDEFINING THE CANON OF AMERICAN ART. Down in the north-central section of Wilcox County, Alabama, sits a little parcel of land. Five miles wide, seven miles long, and […]

Adventure: Call of the Wild

Zoya DeNure

Zoya DeNure made the dramatic move from Wisconsin to a remote area of Alaska to chase dreams of sled-dog racing, she didn’t totally let go of her glamorous life as a fashion model. Instead, she paid for a storage unit packed with extravagant clothing and shoes.

Hygge & the Scandinavian Way

Hygge & the Scandinavian Way

Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi painted simple, minimalistic interiors bathed in calm earthen tones that invite contemplation. Hammershøi’s De fire stuer, a dreamlike, minimalistic sweep of a room opening into a room, and into another, introduces the foreword to Danish chef and prolific food writer Trine Hahnemann’s decadent cookbook, Scandinavian Food. 

Wellness: My Ego Died In Bali

my ego died in bali

I time my workouts to be exactly 30 minutes; fifteen minutes on the first set, focusing on the primary muscles, and 15 minutes on the second set, in which I can incorporate the secondary and fast-twitch muscles.

Importance of Self Care during the Holidays

Self Care during the Holidays

The holidays…family parties, endless shopping, a myriad of social events and a source of stress and anxiety for many. Because your schedule can quickly become filled at this time of year, it is important to take the time for balanced self-care.

Turning Back the Hands of Time

Hands of Time

When you consider daily abuse from sun exposure, UV nail lamps and chemicals in lotions, soaps and cleaning agents—added to the normal hormonal changes that come with aging—you realize that our hands truly take a beating.

A Visit to Catherine the Great’s Russia

A Visit to Catherine the Great’s Russia

Russia’s greatest ruler was never destined to sit on the Imperial throne. But Catherine the Great firmly believed that destiny was a thing to be harnessed. She was born Princess Sophia of Anhalt-Zerbst, a minor German backwater, and might well have become a mere footnote of history had she not caught the eye of Empress Elizabeth of Russia.

Becoming Someone Who CARES

Becoming Someone Who CARES

It is almost 2 am when Simone’s cell phone rings—the electronic’s powerful vibrations break her slumber, and the blue light it emits rouses her. On the other end of the phone is Marchae, her mentee. A senior in high school, she has a lot going on—her family dynamic is changing, she’s trying to navigate college decisions, schoolwork just keeps getting more challenging, and her part-time job keeps demanding more of her energy.