Spring 2017


Awaken Your Scents this Spring

Choosing the right perfume for any season can be difficult. ELYSIAN took the time to get familiar with the best Spring-inspired scents.

Baking in the Glow

ELYSIAN Fashion and Beauty expert Amy Zimmer explains how to achieve luminous skin.

Fast Track to Freezing Fat

Body sculpting and body contouring gets a new method with CoolSculpting, a non-invasive fat removal procedure that involves freezing away the fat.


With colorful beaches, azure coves, coral reefs and quaint villages tucked away in secret bays, Malta is a natural wonder and a historical treasure trove.

Shooting Blinds

Two major themes — the documentation of Louisiana and political activism — run throughout Nell Campbell’s photographs.

Sensory Deprivation Worth Its Salt

The purported benefits of flotation therapy are numerous: stress management; reducing depression and insomnia; improved athletic performance; and boosted focus.
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