What Is Permanent Eyeliner?

by Elysian Magazine
Model with eyeliner on

Permanent eyeliner, or eyeliner tattoo, is precisely that: the tattooed application of a permanent outline of the upper eyelashes and/or the lower eye. If you have sparse eyelashes, want to cut your time applying makeup every day, or simply like the idea of a permanent eyeliner, then this is certainly worth considering.

To begin with, choose a certified beautician who comes recommended and who you first meet for a consultation. He or she will help you determine a style that compliments the lashline and shape of your eyes and apply regular eyeliner to show you options. Rather than start with a wide, classic winged eyeliner, start with a subtle line. You can always add to it and, as time goes by, you can always have a touch-up as the line fade. Once you decide to move forward with the permanent process, stop using any skincare products around the eye for a full week so when you arrive at your appointment, your eye area is completely free of makeup and buildup.

Permanent eyeliner being applied

The procedure will take between 45 minutes and an hour, depending upon the style you’ve chosen. The area is numbed and once the technician begins, you will feel a light tickling as the skin is slightly broken during the first pass of the needle, but properly done, there should be no discomfort or bleeding.

If you are a little skittish about eyeliner tattoos there is another procedure called lash line enhancement. This is a semi-permanent treatment that uses a vegetable-based, nonpermanent dye that the body absorbs completely over six to nine months. The application process is the same and takes the same amount of time.

There are, however, some risks. Though rare, some people may have an allergic reaction to the dyes, eye irritation as a result of the procedure, or may be unhappy with the result. For this reason, consult with your dermatologist, who may be able to recommend a certified makeup tattoo artist.

Costs start at $475, and touch-ups run about half that price. Factors such as age, sun tanning, and body chemistry affect whether an eyeliner tattoo will last three years or anywhere up to five years.

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