Jennifer Justice

Attorney, Music Industry Expert & Women’s Business Advocate

Born with what she calls a compulsion to achieve, Jennifer Justice went from humble beginnings to graduation from the University of Washington. An opportunity to attend Cornell University Law School sent her flying across the country to the east coast, thus setting her feet on a path that would lead her to become one of the most highly respected attorneys in the music business—including representing Jay-Z for almost two decades. Today, as co-founder and CEO of The Justice Department, she focuses her talents on helping women build businesses and succeed.

You were born in Centralia, Washington. Tell me about your mother and father.

They were very young, 16 years old, when they had their first child and only 19 when they learned they were pregnant with me. My father worked at a supermarket. I don’t know that my mother was working at the time.

You are the second child of three children. Are your parents together today?

No, they were getting divorced when I was born.

Your mother remarried three times; do you remember how many times you moved?

Before the third grade, probably six or seven times. We stayed in Centralia for six years. When my mother remarried, we moved to Yakima, Washington.

Where were you living during your teenage years, and what were they like?

My teens were split between Centralia and then Yakima. I was a cheerleader and on the dance team, all normal teenage activities. I was very social and outgoing…

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