Shelter Spotlight: Friends of WCAC

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Who we are: 

We are not a rescue. We are a passionate, all-volunteer board of die-hard animal lovers. We work in tandem with Williamson County Animal Center to greatly improve the lives of the animals living in our community and in our shelter. To this end, we fund numerous programs including:

  • Furry Friends Clinic, which provides low-cost spay/neuter services.
  • Rabies & Microchip clinics, which offer monthly opportunities for pet owners to have their animals microchipped and receive a low-cost rabies vaccine.
  • Paw Pantry provides free pet food and supplies for animals in need.
  • Pads for Paws provides free insulated housing for pets living outdoors so they are protected from extreme temperatures and inclement weather.
  • We fund extraordinary medical and behavioral care for pets we serve at Williamson County Animal Center.
  • We fund as needed behavioral classes post-adoption for people and their pets so their transition into a new home is seamless.
  • We fund TNR in our community, providing all the tools trappers need to safely trap and return community cats to their territory.


Our primary need:

Funding covers a broad range of services, including quality-of-life surgeries for pets, housing for community and outdoor cats, food to meet the demands of our Paw Pantry, and so much more.


Most memorable rescue story:

Larry is an amazing dog who came to the Williamson County Animal Center in need of an orthopedic surgery. Larry, a young dog, was living with a significant amount of pain due to a hip issue. Through funding from Friends, Larry was able to have a surgery that freed him from pain and he now has an opportunity to be adopted, healthy and happy.

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