How Women Over 35 Can Look Younger

By Nazish Mohsin

by Elysian Magazine

If you are over 35, you can still look younger than your age. The key is knowing what steps to take, and it’s not as hard as it sounds. None of these tips are very difficult, or require very much effort on your part, but they may inspire you.

Start with the basics.

Looking younger than your age often has a lot to do with hydration, so you probably already know that the top of your checklist should be, “Drink plenty of water.” Drinking a glass before each meal, especially if you are eating something rich in fat or sugar, is one way to get extra water into your routine. Water is essential for keeping yourself hydrated and your skin looking young, so do not skip this!

Sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect your skin, specifically, because it prevents the damaging effects of UV rays. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that anyone over the age of 18 use sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, daily. If you spend time in direct sunlight each day, you should also wear sunscreen every day that also specifically protects against UVA (associated with skin aging) and UVB rays (associated with skin burning), the two most harmful types of sunlight.

Movement is another great way to keep your body healthy that can also help you look younger. Peloton workouts or running marathons are great, too, but simply moving your body throughout the day has healthful effects, research shows. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk off lunch or dinner — simple movement can make an enormous difference in how much better you feel by boosting endorphins (the “feel-good” chemicals released when we exercise), improving your sleep, and of course, reducing risk factors like high blood pressure and heart disease. 

Sleep is the best way to keep your skin looking young. Aging processes are slowed down when you get enough sleep. Research shows that inflammation is reduced, blood pressure is better controlled, brain activity is improved, and dementia and cognitive decline are held at bay. Sleep also helps with weight loss: Studies have shown that people who get enough sleep have lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than those who don’t get enough shut-eye. A healthy night’s rest means you’ll wake up feeling fresh, after a time during which your body was able to heal and rejuvenate itself. 

Use a moisturizer with retinol.

Retinol is an antioxidant that helps with collagen production, which is important for keeping skin looking young and healthy. It also helps with wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots, so you’re able to have more of an even-toned complexion without any visible signs of aging. Retinol is in the Vitaman A family and is available in prescription and over-the-counter formulas.

Focus on your eyes.

You are going to want to focus on your eyes when it comes to looking younger. The first thing people notice is your eyes, typically, and if you want to look younger and more vibrant, then it is imperative that you make sure they stand out.

To begin with, contour the natural crease of your eye with a light shade of eye shadow — this will help make them appear larger while also making them appear less aged than they would otherwise. Then use a darker shade at the outer corners of each eye as well as along the lash line if you want fullness. Finally, add some mascara for even more dramatic results!

Use the right makeup for your skin type.

When you are starting out, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of products available for the face. You can find foundation, concealer, powder, and blush in every shade under the sun — and then some. The trick is knowing what works best for your skin type so that you can choose from a smaller selection of products.

  • Foundation: Don’t use it! Instead, try using a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 (or higher). Also, make sure that whatever formula you use contains oil-free ingredients like titanium dioxide and is free from harsh chemicals like petrochemicals or synthetic fragrance oils; these will make your skin look artificial instead of smooth and youthful.
  • Lipstick: Choose a lipstick that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it. Try a lip gloss instead since it will give your lips a beautiful shine without the harsh chemicals often present in lipstick. Using a lip liner or pencil can help to contain lipstick and keep the color on your lips where it belongs, instead of feathering out and away from your lips.
  • Mascara: Look for one labeled as safe for sensitive eyes and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like parabens or propylene glycol.

Get your haircut and colored by a professional.

Getting your haircut and colored by a professional can make you look younger. If you have longer hair, this is especially true. A professional will know how to cut and color it so that it looks its best for your age range, as well as the kind of style you want to try out.

Wear a bright color.

Wearing a bright color is one of the best ways to look younger. Whether it’s a scarf, your blouse or jacket, or a dramatic lipstick — there are so many options available! Choose your color wisely by making sure that it’s something that suits your skin tone — asking a few people whose opinions you trust might be a good idea here, so you’ll know that royal blues suit you well or that orangey reds are better with your hair color than purpley reds, for example.

More ways to make you look younger.

  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Be happy! Happiness is contagious, so if you’re smiling and laughing, it’ll make people around you happier too. 
  • It’s also important to be thankful for what you have in life — your health, family, and friends, and even your job. This will help you appreciate what you have rather than focus on what you don’t have.

We all face obstacles in life, but if we keep our minds open and focus on our personal goals, then we can overcome any obstacle or setback. So don’t let age get you down! Instead, take care of yourself by doing the right things for your skin, hair, and body — then take pride in how great you look.

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