Interesting Materials to Enhance Your Home

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interesting materials

How to Bring Interesting Materials into Your Home

An essential element of interior design is the incorporation of interesting materials into a space. Therefore it is vital to consider the textures and materials you use the most crucial aspect of your home. They interact powerfully with our senses which develop our experience in a room. So it’s time to start thinking about using your materials in inorganic ways. An unorthodox object can help create an interesting and engaging space.

interesting materials

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Organic Manipulation of Interesting Materials

Organic materials have a natural uniqueness that you truly can not replicate. These types of materials can be incorporated into a space when styling with knickknacks and bobbles. Bone or marble sculptures, for example, are beautiful archives of history and time – worthy of display in any home. They give your space a story to be told. Small details are what make a room complex and create interest.


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Rock is another material with great potential for versatility. It can even be used for the construction of your home. A feature wall made of geological materials formed into geometric patterns is a beautiful example of incorporating interesting materials into a space. Imagine a sumptuously carved alabaster façade stretching up to the ceiling of your home or a statement agate sculpture gracing your mantel. The possibilities are endless.


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Plaster also has a gorgeous organic texture. While it is a flat material, light is still able to beautifully refract off the surface’s imperfections. Its distressed finish looks chic in large spaces and creates the perfect base for any style of furniture or decor.


Glass is often thought of in its transparent form, but there are so many ways to use the material. You can put a finish on a glass surface and completely transform its aesthetic. If you have a tight space with little light, use frosted glass on your doors. This will allow light to flow into your space while still providing privacy. Frosted glass can close off a room without limiting its depth.


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Mirrors are also another simple glass material that can be transformed into exciting decor elements that make an impression. Try acid washing your mirrors to stretch the material and give them a distressed appearance. This simple change allows you to open up a room by expanding light’s ability to travel within the space. You can also use acid-washed mirrors as cabinet doors to enhance a space’s grandeur.


Wood is often seen as rustic and unfinished, but it can add another level of elegance to a space. Depending on the lumber’s appearance, you can stretch this material in many different directions. Staining wood brings out the grain, and the simplicity of a beautiful grain is a breathtaking statement.


Kelly Wearstler designed the kitchen in her Malibu home with brushed metal cabinets, pictured below. Metal appears sophisticated and adds a hint of luxury to any space. This is a beautiful example of taking a material typically used for appliances and expanding its range to enhance a room. The small detail of brushed bronze-colored borders on top of the stainless steel adds warmth that compliments any dish you might prepare.


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As for walls, you can do so much more than a simple coat of paint. Wallpaper, for example, can trick the eye, deepening a space. Grasscloth or tweed wallpaper designs are fairly simple and can help create intrigue without commanding the entire room’s attention. The small details of interesting materials keep the eye moving. The idea is for someone to look at a space and not be able to identify everything they see at once. Textured walls provide more room for simple decor and, in the end, prevent the space from becoming cluttered.

Experimenting with Interesting Materials

It’s not always about what materials you are using – it’s about how you use them. Experimentation is an important part of this process, and the kitchen is a great place to experiment. Imagine: your countertops could be stainless steel, marble, or even a large block of aged wood. These little details are what make a space stand out – don’t be afraid to be bold!


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Written by Haley Hudson

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