Life is Better with A Grain of Salt

by Elysian Magazine

ELYSIAN explores So Well, a company that produces organic, fair-trade salt products for the home and self.

Similar to the compression that produces a diamond, himalayan sea salt is naturally produced by the Earth over 200 million years. It truly is the diamond of salts. Found mainly in Pakistan, its 84 trace minerals gives Himalayan salt that lovely pinkish, amber hue. It also contains less sodium per teaspoon – while tasting slightly saltier – so it takes less to achieve the seasoning you desire.

Since 2004, So Well, has been dedicated to producing and importing the highest quality salt products. Inspired by nature’s beauty and simplicity, their products are straightforward, organic, fair trade and are guaranteed to be produced within fair labor standards.

So Well offers a plethora of Earth-produced products – artisan crystal salt lamps, organic beauty products and items for bath and kitchen. They even run a blog to give wisdom on the various ways to use salt and the ways that they may benefit our minds and bodies.

Most people know what a salt lamp is, but many do not understand how many benefits that himalayan salt products are capable of producing.

Salt lamps are “hygroscopic,” meaning that they attract humidity and airborne water molecules. By heating the salt, it generates negative ions, believed to combat air pollution, promote detoxification and “clean” the energy of your surroundings.

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Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are the staple starting point for himalayan salt products. They give off a relaxing amber light and are said to help detoxify your surroundings. Aside from just your standards, So Well offers a variety of styles and colors in their salt lamps. One of a kind, you’ll never find another salt lamp exactly like yours.

Amber Globe

Amber Pyramid

Grey Moroccan Flame

Raw Crystal Rare Grey

Aroma Therapy

So Well Serenity Bowls are a different way of experiencing aroma therapy. The bowl (carved from salt itself) is then filled with raw, unshaped crystals over which you can pour your favorite essential oil (we’re fans of the organic lavender). The heat from the lamp does the rest.

Serenity Bowl
$54.95 – $64.90

Self Care

Himalayan salt can be used not only for your home but also for yourself. Using this ancient mineral, you can alleviate whatever hiccups your body has. Poor circulation? Try their warming foot balm (it’s great after a night out in stilettos). For aches and pains, Salt Therapy Pillows are a organic, long-lasting alternative for hot and cold packs.

Warming Foot Balm

Salt Therapy Pillow for Back & Stomach

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