Fitness for Your Personality

by Elysian Magazine

Find the perfect workout for you.

By Angie Comer

Getting and staying in shape can be a challenge. There are so many health trends and so many workout options that it may be overwhelming to choose how and where to get started. However, analyzing your personality may be a great place to begin. Choosing an activity that will help you meet your fitness goal while still catering to your nature will make your exercise routine enjoyable. Are you an introvert who enjoys spending time alone? Are you extremely social, constantly surrounded by friends? Are you outdoorsy and adventurous? With so many ways to get your exercise in, there is something out there for everyone.

THE EXTROVERT If you are a social individual who enjoys the company of friends and can tolerate high levels of stimulation, a high-energy fitness experience is ideal. Group classes with upbeat music, such as Zumba or step training, are a great option for cardio. Trying to reach weight training goals? The competitive and social environment of CrossFit gyms may be a good option. Group classes or partner drills are additionally beneficial in helping build a sense of community and accountability.

THE INTROVERT Not a fan of groups of people or lots of commotion? If you have an introverted disposition, individual sports and activities are the best for you. Long-distance running, swimming, and cycling are some of the options that will help you achieve your health goals. Should you be looking for peace and the ability to connect with yourself, you may want to consider yoga or tai-chi. At-home workouts are also a great way to get and stay in shape while avoiding a busy gym or group classes. If you don’t have equipment at home and need to head to a gym, don’t fret; pick a great playlist and pop those headphones on.

THE COMPETITOR If your character is on the slightly more aggressive and competitive side, you may find tennis, martial arts, boxing, and weight training the most rewarding. Not only are you challenging yourself physically, but there is the component of competition and proving to be the best. Body building and associated competitions may also be fulfilling for competitive individuals.

THE DISCIPLINARIAN Tracking progress and meeting goals are especially important to this temperament. Using cardio machines at the gym that keep track of heart rate, pace, and distance help challenge the disciplinarian. Circuit weight training can be ideal for this challenge-lover because it allows goal setting for both intensity and endurance. Martial arts are also great workouts for the disciplinarian.

Whatever your personality type, there is definitely something for everyone in the world of health and fitness. Do something that gets you moving but is also fulfilling and rewarding for your disposition. Don’t be afraid to lean in and challenge yourself to increase the level of intensity.

Getting and staying in shape can be a great experience, and being comfortable and content with your chosen workout routine will help you stick to your long-term goals.

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